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Jane Sorkin is a first-generation Los Angeles Jewish native with over two decades of experience in various forms of art that are matched by her eight years working as a tech professional. Her diverse portfolio includes everything from web design and photography to digital media, which she creates at every opportunity possible.

Jane's love of art led her to a career in different fields, specifically extensive experience working within tech industries such as web design, development, and the web3 community. She began painting with oils at an early age but transformed into more mediums later on - photography and video editing among them- until 3D art became her specialty.

Her collection and focus is on an artistic manifestation of a decade's worth of anxiety, turning common dark anxious thoughts into playful and whimsical art pieces. Most recently, her work has been featured at one of the biggest Ethereum conferences in the world, ETHDenver. This site was built by Jane.

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